I’m Batman

 It was 1989 and I was 11 year old. One of the things I loved was going to the movies. One day I saw the trailer for the new Batman and I was so freakin excited I couldn’t wait to see it. I spent the weekend with my friend Clyde and his mom told us that that afternoon she was gonna take us to see Batman. I couldn’t wait I literally watched the clock. It was a few hours before we were gonna head out and Clyde’s dad wanted to go somewhere. Well needless to say I became anxious as I didn’t want to be late.

As we were going to our destination we went down a dirt road that was very deep with sand and wouldn’t you know it we got stuck.
Sadly I was selfish and all i could think about was not going to the movie. We all got out of the car and proceeded to push the car to get it out. This only made it worse and it was hot.

We kept trying until we just figured the day was a wash. Then a couple good ol boys in a big truck stoped and asked if we needed some help. After booking up the car to the truck with chains we were out of the dirt road.

I figured with all the frustration Batman was no longer on our agenda. As we drove back to Clyde’s house we started to plan an evening of Nintendo, when Clyde’s mom said boys were gonna drop Clyde’s dad off and then we’d go to the movie.

fast forward

we are now sitting in our local 4 screen with popcorn and coke watching what today, 33 years later, is my favorite Batman.  I think back on that day often. I still text Clyde and we laugh about it.


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  1. What a great story. I didn’t get to see it on the big screen. My uncle was in his 20s and my grandmother told him to take me but he didn’t want to drag around a five year old. Always a bummer. Maybe one day I’ll see it on the big screen.

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