Championship Vinyl 9/23/2022

Hello friends and neighbors It’s way to long since we’ve sat around the stereo and listened to some tunes. So lets not waste anymore time.

Song 1: I am Mine – Pearl Jam

In the 90’s no other band stayed on my radar more than Pearl Jam. I loved the sound of the band and Eddie Vedder is a great lead singer. I have alway loved this song in it’s eerieness and beautiful sound.

Song 2: Valhalla Calling-Miracle of Sound

To be honest I heard this song on an instagram meme and looked it up. I was blown away a the sheer awesomeness and Viking vibe.. I feel that I could take out small villages while listening to it.

Song 3: Stuck on You -Lionel Ritchie

Lionel makes his return to the play list this week with Stuck on You. While I have been recovering from my foot surgery I have tried to listen to soft music to relax to. This song has been a go to during this time. As I do I always look for cover versions of song and as a bonus I’ll add THIS


Song 4: I Hope Your Happy Now – Carly Pearce & Lee Brice

I am a sucker for break up songs. This song doesn’t disappoint as you hear the pain in this duet from both the lady and the fella. While I am not a fan of personal heartbreak, I do love it when it becomes a song.


Song 5: Jim, Jack, and Hank – Alan Jackson

Speaking  of heartbreak, nothing make your heart heal better than a tongue and cheek break up song. Alan Jackson gives the broken heart just what the dr ordered.


No one Needs to Know – Avril Lavigne (Cover of Shania Twain)

I love this.

Until Next time!

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