The Rankings

 Growing up I didn’t have an allowance. I had to do chores around the house and at the end of the week I’d normally get 5 bucks. To me as a kid 5 dollars meant I was rich. I would normally rent a video game or wrestling video, but once a month I would get my most favorite thing. The monthly Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine.
My favorite section was the monthly rankings. I always loved seeing who were the contenders and who was most popular and most hated.
the rankings would also include other promotions besides the NWA and WWF.  Seeing these other groups caused me to investigate and try and find matches that included such folks as Jerry Lawler, The Von Erich’s, and Eric Embry. Luckily we got cable and I was able to find these folks.
Every once and a while I’ll see a PWI on the magi zone stands and thumb through it. However nothing compares to me as a kids riding my bike to by the new edition.


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  1. The Rankings were always my favorite too! It was the one place where all of the organizations sort of “came together” to see who the best of the best was. Now I realize it was just a writers opinion but back then it was real and true to me.

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