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Hello Friends,

I have been on a wrestling kick as of late and I figured it would be time to share my top five favorite Wrestling Theme Songs. I know you may skip this episode, but I encourage you to go back in your retro mind, pick up your cardboard titles and walk the walk

Theme One: Shawn Michaels- Sexy Boy

If we are all honest we have dances and sang this song. To this day I shimmy when I talk of my suit coats. Even as HBK pushes 60 I still pop when it plays, ask Brandon.

Theme Two: Demolition – Demolition

I am probably in the minority in loving Demolition more than the LOD. There was just something about them that drew me to be a fan. Needless to say their rocking theme helped.  I will share that I didn’t like the addition of Crush, just my opinion.


Theme Three: Can’t Judge A Book – Dusty Rhodes (NWA)

Growing up in North Carolina I was a huge fan of the National Wrestling Alliance and their Wrestlers. My Papa was a huge fan of Dusty Rhodes and his rough yet jive talking ways. While Dusty used many themes, this was always my favorite.


Theme Four: Turbo Charge – Sting (Surfer NWA)

I am an old man so I was first introduced to Sting in the NWA when he was doing the Super Gimmick. I loved and still love Sting. This theme beings me back to my childhood.



Theme Five: Wrestlemania – Classic Intro

I love Wrestlemania and as a kid when the WWF/E would announce that it was time for Wreslemania this is the song that would play. This song would also play when they would go through the match lineup. This song gives all the memories.


Well I hope you enjoyed this playlist as much as I did making it.

Here’s one more to go out on!!




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  1. Super kudos to adding the Wrestlemania theme! It doesn’t get nearly the love it deserves! There was something magical about the jingle.

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