AEW Fight Forever First Thoughts (PS5)

After months of teasing  and waiting AEW finally released its first video game “Fight Forever”. Brandon and I had many text conversations about debating when or if we were going to buy the game.

Well yesterday My son and I acquired it after training in some old games. Last night once everyone went to bed I fired it up with literally zero expectations. The reviews have been brutal and downright mean at times.  So why did I snag it? Well there is still a twelve year old wrestling fan within me and I had to give it a go. Here is what my first reaction hold

I have the PS5 version so I was not as leary about the glitches since I had seen most of the problems were on the PS4.

So I started my experience as Chris Jericho in the training option. I was able to get a good feel of the controls. They are different than the WWE2k games, but it did not take long to get the hang of it.

I decided to play my first match. there are daily and weekly goals that you gain “money” for the shop. I went with Dr. Britt Baker vs Jade for the TBS Title. The game play reminds me of all the 80’s and 90’s Wrestling Games, which isn’t  a bad thing. I didn’t was AEWWE2k if you know what I’m saying. I won and then took the AEW Title off MJF with Jericho again.

Kenny Omega said he wanted to make an old school type game, and he did. I believe the dislike is coming from the modern day gamers who did not play games in the awesome years that made Brandon and I gamers.

The roster is pretty impressive

It has a great representation of the talent they have, From what I am hearing this is a base game that over time DLC will be added to improve matches an add wrestlers. I was able to get Matt Hardy because my copy came with a code. As of now you can buy FTR (or not) for $11.99.

I like this because most sport/wresting games are just released with nothing more than updated rosters. So we will see how this goes down.

I decided to create my own wrestler so I can do the storyline. I spent about 45 minutes working on The Ghost” Calvin O’Conner. The creation suite is simple which It needed to be. There is a good starter base of tempates to choose from with the unlockables to come. The moves are pretty solid and the music is awesome. I’ll do more playing today.

I did notice in the creation that you can make a Wrestler, Team, and Arena. While I was bummed at no create a title, it’s also kind of nice to just use what is there.

My first impression is 7 out of 10 Hot Pockets

I will play the game some more a give a more in depth review  as more DLC and updates are available.

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