Championship Vinyl 11/4

Hello Friends I am feeling pretty good today and I wanted to share some good tunes with you. So without further adieu  Welcome to this weeks Championship Vinyl. Also please click our Spotify link (Thanks Brandon) to listen to all the music.

Song 1: I’m A Mess – Avril Lavigne feat Yungblud

I absolutely love Avril and I’m sorry. This is a really good duet with Yungblud. Avril is sporting shorter hair and  like I said in my eyes she does no wrong. Enjoy


Song 2: Went Out Last Night – Kenny Chesney

To me no one has more fun performing  than Kenny Chesney. He is country music’s version of Jimmy Buffett. This is just one of those song that start off the weekend with a good vibe.

Song 3: Walk This Way – Aerosmith and RUN DMC

I was a kid this song came on the radio and I was blown away. I loved the grove and the mix of rock and rap. Honestly this was my introduction to both Aerosmith and RUN DMC.

Song 4: Groove is in The Heart – Deee-Lite

I remember  buying this Cassette  for 5 bucks when I was at the Buggy Festival in Carthage NC. I knew Groove is in the Heart and once I listened to the rest I was a fan. too bad they aren’t around, but this song is Gold!


Song 5: Dreams (Live) – Van Halen 

I’m putting this on here as a live track to simple show that Sammy and Micheal Anthony (Bass) are freaking awesome.


Thanks as always for sitting and rocking out with me. I am currently recovering from a major foot surgery and prepping for the others. Please drop a comment if there are any bands you’d like to hear!


Nobody’s Fool – Cinderella

This is a song that I hope to hear live one day.. total rock!

Mystery Song for your Pleasure

2 Replies to “Championship Vinyl 11/4”

  1. Man.. ‘Walk this Way was a phenomenon’!!! I was in high school when it came out. We used to hang out across the school in the park, at a Gazebo. The popular kids would never be seen there, but the headbangers, Outcasts, Hot Rodders and Latinos would frequent the park all day long.

    Back when Boom Boxes were a thing, there were often some good ribbing sessions about each others music.. but when this song came out, we would blast it, and all who were present would jam out in unity!! Other than ‘Fight for Your Right’.. I don’t know if I’ve seen a song since, that united kids from across such diverse backgrounds.

    Gawd.. the 80s was a good era to grow up in. I give everyone I come across a fair shake until they show me they don’t deserve it otherwise. A lot of this has to do with the way we grew up back then. Simpler times indeed.

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