A Time of Thanks

Hello Friends this will be a different post. I have been through a rough season in my life. A few years back I was diagnosed  with Charcot Marie Tooth

You can hit the link to learn more. Well because of this disease I have had many surgeries to help me walk and manage pain. Needless to say it’s not fun. I just had my third surgery and on Nov 16th I’ll have my 4th.

I wanted to write that during all this my fellow Fat Kid, Brandon has literally checked on me, let me rant, and express my dark times. I am thankful for Brandon not only as a friend, but at a brother. When we first met I was not good friend material and I had to grow up. Brandon never stopped being my friend even when I didn’t deserve it.

The one thing I have learned over the years of pain and growth is this. To have a friend means you’re rich. I am at a point in life where I am letting people know how much I love and appreciate them. So I wanted to use this platform to say a huge Thank you to Fat Kid Brandon for the years of friendship.

We’re been through hell, and we still have time to write about the fun things in life!!


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  1. Dude. my thoughts are with you. You have a really good attitude. There’s so much in this world to get us down, and you are finding joy in the little things. Makes me want to kick up my blogging more instead of letting myself get annoyed at all the crap on social media. Take care friend, and hang in there.

    1. Darrin,
      thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you. Life can be hard most of the time, but we all have to find the smiles and joys that are there. I checked out your site and you speak my love language… Pizza!

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