Tommy and the Order of the Cosmic Champions

Somewhere around a decade ago, I stumbled upon a website that changed my blogging life: Retro-Daze. Retro-Daze is a retro themed site where users can submit articles discussing various aspects of vintage pop culture or memories, not too unlike Middle-Aged Fat Kids. It was the first place I found an audience for my random nostalgia filled memories. While I’m not as active as I once was at Retro-Daze, I still keep up with the site and the forum and I was excited to hear last year that the founder of Retro-Daze, Anthony D. Grate and author/member Anthony J. Rapino had teamed up to bring to life a story that Mr. Grate had been working on for some time. That story is the basis for Tommy and the Order of the Cosmic Champions.

Here’s is a synopsis of the novel:

Fans of Masters of the Universe, 80’s cartoons, or the 80’s in general should love this novel. I know it comes from a very passionate place and is written by two huge 80’s afficiandos.

One of my favorite things about this upcoming book release is all of the merchandise and tie-in media being created. There is a cartoon opening for the fictional The Order of the Cosmic Champions. There’s a sound track mini-comic book, a View Master, shirts, and even action figures! An entire universe is being created around this fictional property which in itself makes it real. It’s such a fascinating way to market it and one that really taps into my own nostalgia.

Tommy and The Order of the Cosmic Champions releases on October 18th, 2022 and is available now for pre-order at various retailers. I’m sure I’ll be back with a review sometime after the book releases.

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