Championship Vinyl Episode 13

Happy Friday Folks! It’s been quite busy on my end, but I needed to take a much needed break to listen to some tunes with you! Enjoy today’s Five! Also if you want to jam out to all the songs we have featured here, please check out the link to the Spotify playlist.

Song 1: The Cult -Fire Woman

I have a confession, When ever this song comes on the radio or on a plat list I scream the chorus at the top of my lungs. I never owned the actual cd it came on, but once the age of iTunes etc, came about it was a quick purchase. This is a hard rocking song and if you’ve never heard it, well you’re welcome.

Favorite Lyric: Fiiiiiirrreee

Song 2: I Can’t Love You Anymore – Maren Morris

I have been hooked on Maren since her song My Church. Morris has an addictive voice and a mellow stye that draws me to listen. This song is rather new, but as a fella who loves, love songs I instantly fell in love with it. Before covid hit I was able to see Maren perform live and she literally stole the show. I hope to listen to the rest of her new cd and post more songs.

Favorite Lyric:You’re the angel to my devil, The pot to my kettle
To some I might be an acquired taste

Song 3; Cold Hard B*tch – Jet

I came across this song with driving one afternoon, and while I’m not big on the B word, this song is awesome,

Favorite Lyric: Gonna check her out, she’s my latest attraction
Gonna hang around wanna get a reaction, yeah

Song 4: Midnight Confessions – The Grass Roots

Growing up my Mom and I liked to ride around and listen to music. This song was one of my favorite songs and for the life of me I didn’t know why. I love the song for this harmony and simplicity. This song is a warm reminder of my childhood.

Favorite Lyric: Staggering through the daytime
Your image on my mind

Song 5: Fire It Up – Def Leppard

Sorry, but not really. The Lepps have released another song as we await the new CD next Friday. This song was a great way to start my day. The best way to describe it is if Pour Some Sugar on Me and Slang had a Baby. It has attitude without compromising the Lepp Awesomeness.

Favorite Lyric: A voice in the wilderness, there’s somethin’ in the air
A little love won’t bring your precious self a secret flame


Have a great Weekend!! Until Next Time…..

2 Replies to “Championship Vinyl Episode 13”

  1. As usual a fantastic list. I’m a huge fan of Firewoman and actually another five or six The Cult songs as well.

    I forgot all about Cold Hearted Bitch. Geez that song was so popular but it just disappeared from my memory.

    I’d never heard of Maren Morris before but what a throwback style country song. I dug it!

    Midnight Confessions was a nice throwback. Not really my jam but I could see how it could have a special place in your heart.

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