The Collection: Tugboat

Growing up I was lucky enough to still see the “character” era of the WWF. One of the characters that caught my eye was Tugboat. He was a Hoss of a man but his gimmick was, well a Tugboat. Some May have thought that was stupid, but I loved it. I became a fan of the man Fred Ottman and while he  as Tugboat was one of Hulks boys I liked him.
Tugboat went on to turn heel and change his whole gimmick. Tugboat would become Typhoon and tag with Earthquake as The Natural Disasters. They won the tag straps and were and still one my my favorite tag teams. Sadly John Tenta aka Earthquake passed away, but the memories are still great.
Ottman went to wcw to become the failed yet cult hero The Shockmaster. I will eventually get a Shockmaster figure, but currently I am without.
I did get to meet Typhoon/Tugboat the first year I went to Wrestlecade. I just say he was very kind and a pleasure to meet. One of the aspects of my wrestling fandom is looking at the fun of it all. There are to many critics. I hate that I ever read a diet sheet. I avoid them now as I love the suprise.  Meeting Tugboat brought back the kid in me.

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  1. Tugboat was the man! Sure, the outfits may have been cheesy but you feared his presence and that’s something I think we’ve lost in the day of agile big men.

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