Obi Wan, Strange New Worlds, and Ninja Turtles… Oh My!

Wow, today has been a great day for trailers. So great, I just couldn’t keep it all to myself. I just had to share my thoughts!

First off, let’s talk Obi Wan. Next to Picard, Obi Wan is probably my favorite science fiction character. Particularly, Ewan McGregor’s performance and the Clones Wars representation. The character is just so calm and collected and is a great role model in the world of Star Wars.

Seeing Ewan McGregor return to the role has been a dream of mine that I just never saw happening. Wow… was I wrong and let me tell you, this trailer exceeded any expectations I had and my expectations were HIGH!

The music, the look, the dark/light contrast, and then just Obi Wan…. it looks amazing. I really hope this show takes off and is everything I hope it’ll be.

Next up is Strange New Worlds, which like Obi Wan debuts in May. This is a spin-off/prequel/original show featuring the Enterprise and Captain Pike, Spock, and Number One as seen in season two of Star Trek: Discovery. This show is a return to weekly storytelling, where each episode will be self-contained. I really miss this format as well as Anson Mount’s incredible portrayal of Captain Pike.

Finally, out of no where, Konami announced that is releasing all of the 8 bit and 16 bit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games as part of the Cowabunga Collection later this year! I missed out on some of the SNES TMNT games so I’m thrilled to have an affordable chance at trying them out!

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