Royal Rumble 2022

Last night I watched the WWE Royal Rumble. I have always been a fan of this PPV even over Wrestlemania at times.

It’s the one show of the year when you can see almost the whole roster and some surprises, plus it sets up Wrestlemania is a proper fashion, or at least it used to.

Yesterday I texted Brandon that I was going to watch with no expectations and I’m glad I did, enough rambling here is the tale of the tape

Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Title

Possibly the best match in the card with Seth winning by dq  it sets up a return to stretch the story. I would have liked to see Roman win in a convincing fashion as Seth wouldn’t be hurt by the loss

Women’s Royal Rumble

This was not WWE’s best Womens Rumble ad it seemed to go real quick.

Highlights: Ivory coming out in the Right To Censor gimmick, Mighty Molly, Sarah Logan, Lita eliminating Mickie James, and Charlotte Flair really putting on a good show

Could have done without: Bella Twins, Mickie James, and Rousey winning.

Becky Lynch vs Doudrop Raw Women’s Title

going into this we all knew Becky would retain  she took good bumps and made DD look believable .

Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley WWE World Title

It’s no secret I’ve been a Brock fan forever. I especially dig the new happy farmer version. This match is the reason I watched and it accomplished what it was supposed to. We had Paul Heyman double cross Brock to realign with Roman. Roman spears Brock and hits him with the belt allowing Lashley to become the new champ.

Edge & Beth Phoenix  vs Miz & Mrs 

This should have been the show opener as it added nothing. I have always loved Beth Phoenix so seeing her wrestle was awesome. Slow match with a predictable Edge and Beth win.

Mens Royal Rumble


Because the show started at 8pm this match is starting at 11 pm. I figured I’ve come this far I’m gonna stick it out.

Highlights: AJ Styles whole performance and him striking the HBK pose as the came to the ring, Happy Corbin, and Brock Lesnar winning.

Could have done without: wasted entries like Bad Bunny, Shane McMahon, Johnny Knoxville. Kofi’s botched elimination, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and Big E’s under usage. There were no surprise entries and with Corey Graves cleared one of the wasted spots should have gone to him.

overall rating: 4 Hotpockets plus the Mania sign kept literally catching on fire.




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  1. I remember how much I used to love the Royal Rumble. I’d watch all of the old ones and it was such a magical, unexpected match. You never knew who’d win or who might show up and it led to one of the handful of legit championship title shots throughout the year. Of course, wrestling has changed and the Rumble is a shell of what it used to be. That really bums me out. I am so thankful you used the classic logo for this post.

  2. The men’s Rumble was so boring! No Legends? Shane appeared. Meh? Surprised to not see the Usos in it. They are on Smackdown every week. Melina needed more screen time. The first woman eliminated. She’s one of my favorite Ruthless Aggression era female wrestlers.

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