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For the past five years, I’ve run a site called Brandon’s Horror Review. The site began as a 90’s Horror website and then evolved into a site covering all years of horror. I focused mostly on non-spoiler reviews of whatever horror related movies, TV shows, and occasionally books I consumed and it was basically a way for me to remember what I saw and my thoughts on it.

When I left social media, my site suffered. The horror community seemed quite receptive of my website, but once I stopped advertising it on Instagram, the views began to dwindle…. and dwindle… and dwindle. I spent a lot time, a little money, and a lot of passion into crafting this website to watch it die a slow death.

When we launched Middle-Aged Fat Kids, I decided it was time to end Brandon’s Horror Review, despite having two more years of posts written and scheduled to publish. I re-directed the domain to forward here and I thought I was done with horror movie reviews.

But… its hard to do something for five years and just turn it off. I found myself itching to discuss some of the movies I’ve seen and I really like the format of my reviews. So, I’ve decided to relaunch Brandon’s Horror Review as a feature here on MAFK.

I’m working on some new material, along with pulling up some of my greatest posts, as well as a lot that didn’t see the light of day. As of right now, the posts will not be scheduled nor regular, but will be used more of a filler capacity. When life gets a little busy, a few of these will break up the long stretches without freshly written content.

Anyway, I hope there are a few horror fans in the audience and I’m excited to bring you the next evolution in Brandon’s Horror Review right here on Middle-Aged Fat Kids.

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