A Def Leppard Playlist

if you know me, you will know that I am a huge fan of Def Leppard. I have seen them nine times and I’m hoping if the pandemic allows next summer will be ten. As I am prepping another project for our blog I wanted to give you the fans of MAFK a good sampler of Lepp Hits.
Mind you this list changes often, but take a listen and truly the pleasure will be all yours

Jim’s Lepptastic Playlist

1. Photograph – found on the Pyromania album.

2. 4 Letter Word- a stellar song off their highly underrated X cd. It’s also a fav of fellow fat kid Brandon

3. Pour Some Sugar on Me- because for some this may be the only song you know from Hysteria.

4. Promises- melodic perfection from the Euphoria cd

5. All I Want is Everything – a somber song from the alternative years. My personal favorite Lepp song. Can be found on Slang

6. Answer to The Master- from their debut Cd, On Through The Night. Who knew what these teens would become

7. Mirror, Mirror- my son Joe and my personal jam from the High N Dry Cd.

8. Personal Jesus- a stand alone cover that proves they do covers better than the original. Can be found on The Story so Far GHits

9. Die Hard the Hunter – if your a fan of guitar solos check out the dueling solos on this Pyromania hit.

10- Animal- Total fun and melodic. A classic tune from Hysteria. Also their first 1 hit in their home country.

thanks for reading. I hope this brings you joy.

Spotify Link to Jim’s Lepptastic Playlist

2 Replies to “A Def Leppard Playlist”

  1. So, I finally got a chance to really sit down and listen to this playlist. The songs I hadn’t heard before were:

    Promises – a brilliant, catchy tune that has that classic Def Leppard sound

    All I Want is Everything – A ballad that is a little different and in a good way. I really dug this song and quickly added it to a playlist of my own. I have a feeling it’ll be getting quite a bit of play over the next few months.

    Answer to the Master – When I listened to Promises, I immediately could tell it was Def Leppard. Answer to the Master, not so much. It’s very different and it’s almost mind blowing how much it doesn’t have that classic sound. With that begin said, it’s still a fun jam.

    Die Hard the Hunter – Another first time listen for me and it’s a hard hitting rock song which I love. Some of my favorite songs of Def Leppard are the ones that seem to hit you in the face and just keep hitting like Die Hard the Hunter.

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