Abandoned Site Spotlight: Lincoln’s Trip to Dawson’s Creek

Lyncoln’s Trip to Dawson’s Creek is a website designed to highlight one young girl’s trip to the set of Dawson’s Creek. I’m going to say I doubt if this eleven-year-old designed the site completely on her own or wrote anything found on the site, but either way the site is impressive for the time. Thirteen pages contain personal photos from two trips to the set of Dawson’s Creek.

I’m not sure if the author of the site had a connection to the production, but the photos and behind the scenes things she gets to see and interact with are quite incredible. There are photos of her wearing Dawson’s jacket, sitting on Jen’s bed, and even getting a kiss from Pacey himself. It is noted on one of the page that Lincoln suffers from an incurable skin disease and there is vague tribute to a famous person who is kind and generous, which makes me think that one of the cast members had something to do with arranging these visits.

Lyncoln’s Trip has everything you’d want in a website from this period. There are multiple web rings, neat gif banners, wild wallpapers, and even website awards. It’s easy to navigate and shares something with the reader that is unique: personal photos from a popular television show’s set.

I really enjoyed checking out this site. It’s a nice snapshot in time of a very special moment for a young girl.

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