Who knew?

So we moved to a new city in Virginia about a weeks ago and we are settling in jut fine (mostly) Like anyone you want to explore your new surroundings and see what’s available. Some of the folks my wife works with told her that we had to eat a sub sandwich from WAWA.

This made me chuckle as WAWA is a gas station. Don’t get me wrong I am a lover of gas station delights, so while I chuckled I knew what I had to do.

I was in a place where I couldn’t get away when my son showed up with two Italian subs. I unwrapped mine and the first thing I noted was how fresh the bread was. Then I took the first bite. It was full of freshness and tasted pretty dang good.

We finished the subs and I called my wife to tell her that her co workers were correct. WAWA makes one tasty sub.

Who knew?

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