Oh I Had That: The Robocop Edition

I’m not sure why, but Robocop has been on my mind a lot lately. The theme song seems to run at least once a day in my head and I’m anxiously awaiting new information about the upcoming video game. Then again, maybe I’m just due to rewatch the movie again.

While reflecting on Robocop, I remembered some of the Robocop merchandise I had as a kid. Having seen Robocop a few times as an adult, I’m not really sure why it was ever marketed to kids and why my parents let me watch it, but I had Robocop fever!

The first Robocop piece of merchandise that comes to mind was my Marvel comic book adaptation of the film. I read this book so many times I’m surprised it didn’t fall apart. I love the front cover and I still think it’s a great piece.

The next piece of Robo merch I owned as the Robocop Nightfighter action figure. This Robocop figure was glow in the dark, had a removable helmet, and popped caps!

Of course, Robocop couldn’t fight himself, so I also had ED-209! I had forgotten I even owned this until I was looking for picture o the Nightfigher figure, but ED-209 was brilliant. He was large and well made and was always a formidable villain for my toys.

The last Robocop item that I owned as a Robocop 2 poster from the local video store. My dad’s connections managed to get me the poster and I loved it. The fact that Robocop was coming out of a wall made it even better.

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