I have been wanting to log on for a long time and just say hello to all who read our content. I feel bad that my amigo Brandon has been driving the train for a while now.

This month I turned  46 and this past year has been filled with many ups and downs. I wont go into all of it but I am back as a full time fat kid again. I want to do more than Championship Vinyl, though I will still do them.

I have been brain storming on what I wanted to write about and the site itself brought the answer to me clear as day. I will write about the things I love and the things I am doing. My family is currently about to move out of the country. With my disability farming isn’t something I can do anymore, and while I will miss it our new adventure excites me.

We are moving near one of the biggest cities in Virginia. My goal is to write about the places I will discover. I am looking forward to comic book shops, record shops, and even conventions. My oldest kids are starting to dig the same things I do so my ability to get around will be easier. Not to mention I will coax Brandon my way to hit a few conventions. I am hoping to expand to more than just wrestling conventions. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my wrestling but there are a few non wrestling folks I’d like to meet. My current top 5 are

  1. Kevin Eastman (TMNT)
  2. Brian O’Halloron  (View Askew)
  3. Any living Cast member from MASH
  4. John Goodman
  5. Steven Page (BNL)

That list will grow I’m sure over time, but those are just some folks I’d like to meet. Well I’m going to hop off, but when I log back on next week I’ll be in a new place with new opportunities.

Until next time….and there will be a next time..don’t forget us and we certainly wont forget you.

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