Spiderman The Animated Series and Poltergeist III

I know… weird title, bear with me.

A week or so ago, I had a friend text me that he was watching Spiderman (2002) with his son. He used words like, “lame” and I told him I’d politely ignore his idiotic ramblings and pretend like he never said them in order to continue our friendship. I thought I handled that well.

In all honesty, I don’t think my friend has seen the Tobey McGuire movies. He was always “above” superheroes back in the day, and its only because he has a young son now that he’s going back and visiting various comic book movies. He’s a good father, but I’m not going to let him disparage that Raimi classic like that! I mean, say what you want about Doctor Strange or even Spiderman 3, but leave the first two alone.

The conversation changed to our favorite Spiderman and for me, Tobey is still it for me followed by Spiderman from the 90’s animated series. These were the Spiderman I grew up with, so it was only natural they were the ones I were most drawn to.

The next day I decided to read up on the Animated Series, which I haven’t seen in years. Occasionally I’ll listen to the theme song on YouTube (performed by Joe Perry from Aerosmith!) but I haven’t watched an episode in quite some time. Reading the Wiki led me to CartoonSpiderman.com, which is an unfinished website from 2014 created by John Semper Jr. who was the producer and head writer for the series. Sadly, the site is a bit short content, but there are some great behind the scenes photos and even a link to a pretty active Facebook group.

Finding CartoonSpiderman reminded me a lot of the fan sites I’m so nostalgic for. A simple website, dedicated to a single subject, where the love can be seen on every page. Despite not having much on it, I really though the audience of this blog might enjoy it, since I’m sure more than a few of you watched Spiderman the Animated Series as well.

So, how does Poltergeist III play into all of this? Well, the same day, I’m stumbling around the fringes of the internet, and I run across PoltergeistIII.com a fan site for the film Poltergeist III. This is no ordinary fan site, this site goes all in on its love of the film, so much so the author of the site has recorded commentary tracks for both Poltergeist II and III for Shout Factory!

I haven’t seen Poltergeist III and most of what I know about the film came from the documentaries In Search of Darkness and Cursed Films, but I admire the passion and effort that as gone into creating this site and maintaining it and I really felt like others might share the same sentiment. It’s actually bumped Poltergeist III up on my “to watch” list just so I can spend some more time on the site browsing around.

In a world where Google and social media has become pretty much useless in finding quality content on the internet, it’s up to websites to support one another. We don’t have web rings much anymore, but a good Link page can really help folks discover other websites of similar interest. We have a Links page here at Fat Kids and I’m consistently updating it, so be sure to check it out and check back often because when I find quirky websites, I love to share them.

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