Championship EP

Life always has a way of keeping you busy. So I decided to give an EP version of life up to now.

I was able to graduate with my Masters of Divinity  in May this was  a huge task that I am so proud of.   being bound to a wheelchair most of the time I was able to wait by the Seminary Bell and slide into line with my peers. It was a beautiful and relaxing day to say the least.

I have mainly wrestled with my disease and fatigue,so I have to pick and choose what I engage in. I am thankful for my friends and family esp Fatkid Brandon for always being patient with me  in life.

My wife surprised me Tuesday with a PS5 I have wanted one since the release but figured I’d snag one when the PS57 was released. I traded in some games and got WWE2k23 as I do love a wrestling game. I normally create my own league,belts, and CAW’s so I’m mainly excited to see how the creations look on this beast of a machine.  My psn name is :revleppard. I have to fix my privacy settings to have friends. 🙂

Ok I know that’s kind of anticlimactic, and I’ll give a full review asap.

With this being an EP post I want to give you a few songs to listen to this weekend.


Song 1: Gods of War – Def Leppard

My boys released a symphonic album with the Royal Philharmonic  providing  back ground. This was the first song I had to hear and I loved it. I love how they kept the integrity and added a dash of today.



Song 2: Light of Another – Luke & Charlotte Ritchie

I stumbled across this sibling duo. Liked what I heard and had to buy it. Simple as that. Charlotte is known for her roles in Call The Midwife and Ghosts (the UK version).


Well friends that all for today! But I will be back!!

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