Collectable Drink Glasses

As a kid in the 80’s fast food places had way cooler swag than the junk that’s out there now. I was a big movie buff even back then so when McDonalds, Burger King, etc came out with something movie related I had to have it.

My absolute favorite collectable was the drink glasses. Not being able to drive hindered my ability to collect whole sets, but honestly I didn’t care. I just wanted something.

I had at least one of each glass run and l took good care for them. I remember loving the Smurf set.

Fast forward to Batman Begins I was so excited to snag a few of those glasses. I felt like I was a true fan If I was able to show off my “classy” mugs,

The last ones I ever collected was when Burger King put out the Lord of the Rings goblets

 I was working at the my first movie theater when one of the projectionists girlfriends got a job at BK. She knew I like the Lord of the Rings so she brought me a few goblets.

Sadly these are all pictures I found online as I don’t have these glasses anymore. I have thought many times about  finding them online, but I can’t justify the price. However, when I stop at goodwill, thrift stores, and the occasional yard sale I keep my eye open.


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  1. I too loved the collectible glasses. My grandmother had a ton of the Smurf’s and the Looney Tunes glasses. It made visiting her so special.

    I collected more of the cheap plastic cups of the 90s such as Batman and the Dream Team.

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