What’s In the Bowl?!

Growing up cereal was a treat that was reserved for Saturday and the occasional snow day. I lived with my Grandparents. My Papa was retired from the Air Force so I was able to go with my Grandma to the Commissary once a month to get groceries.

Outside of hitting all the samples my favorite aisle was the cereal aisle. I was allowed to pick one box per visit and that would be my Saturday breakfast until we came back. I know it sounds cruel, but it really wasn’t.

I would almost always pick Cookie Crisp.  I know some may not recognize the characters, but I would always get excited for the commercial to see the Cookie Crook. Looking back the time the cereal was like bread from heaven, today….not so much. However, in my young mind I was eating a small bowl of chocolate chip cookies and the milk was good afterwards.    I miss the creativity that used to go into product commercials. I tell ya I probably would have never wanted to get cereal at all if it wasn’t for the Cookie Crook, Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, and Toucan Sam. It’s time to get creative again. I want to be excited for my sugar fix.


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