Dinner With Harley

Hello, let me start by apologizing for being away for so long. I have been in and out of the Hospital due to my illness. Now that I am a little rested I am ready for write.

I have attended many wrestling conventions in my days. I can honestly say that have all gone pretty well. In 2009 I made my then yearly pilgrimage to Charlotte NC to attend the Legends Fanfest. Greg Price was the promoter and he really had his finger on the pulse of these conventions.

One of the perks of having a VIP ticket was I was able to go to the Hall of Heroes celebration dinner. This was a Hall of Fame per se that honored our heroes. If you attended the dinner you got to give a  list of wrestlers to have at your table. What made this year so awesome was I got my first pick, Harley Race.

When I saw Harley’s name on my ticket I was so thrilled. What made it even cooler was when we got to the dinner I found myself sitting next to him.

I remember the food was eh.. but Harley was quite charming. the first thing he said to us was, ” I hope you aren’t expecting me to be chatty.” However, he was kind to share some stories the ranged from matches with Ric Flair to working with Lex Lugar and Vader.

I tried to be as respectful as I could because I am was a huge Harley Race fan. The one memory I’ll take with me forever happened at dessert. Harley and I got some Oreo Pudding cake and it was awesome. As Harley finished his bowl he leaned over and said, ” would you mind getting me another bowl of this stuff?”  I couldn’t get up fast enough. I mean a multi time NWA World Champion was asking me to get him some more desert. I brought it back and he simply smiled and said thank you.

I’ll always remember my dinner with Harley. Even though there were others at the table, i’lll claim it as mine.

I was only able to snap two  pictures of the dinner one to them is Harley hugging Ric Flair. Yep I was that close.

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