Championship Vinyl 2/4


Hello music lovers and welcome to a Saturday Championship Vinyl. I tell you I really enjoy posting these and as I progress in the coming days, months, and hopefully years I hope to keep making good content.

Well let the music begin!!


Song 1: Black Magic Woman – Santana

I have always been a fan of the smooth sounds of Santana. When I was working at the theater there was a manager named Josh (this is B.B. aka Before Brandon) and we often would close together. My memories of Josh are simple, he was a complete jackape. However, when we closed on Saturday he would play Santana, so that was his only gold star.


Song 2: Leave The Pieces – The Wreckers

What can I say I love girl singers and when you can get a duet, it makes it even better. I was always a fan of Michelle Branch so when she went “country” I was just a pleased with her songs..


Song 3: I Hear A Symphony – The Supremes

I love Motown plain and simple. Growing up these soulful songs were often played at cookouts and while we were washing cars. I love this song because to me it’s beautiful and just puts you in a good mood.


Song 4: Spillways -Ghost (feat. Joe Elliott)

So for most you may never have thought you’d see Ghost on my list, but man these cats rock. Then they go an let Joe Elliott sing with them and we get this.  Tobias and Joe sing perfectly together and I hope that at some point they rock together again.


Song: No More Tears – Ozzy Osborne

Love him or hate him Ozzy was fantastic at what he did, even if we didn’t understand a word he said. With the news he was retiring this week I felt it appropriate to play one of my favorites. Thank you Ozzy I hate I never saw you live!!




Hay Soul Classic 1

Hay Soul Classic 2


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