The Office.. no not that office (pt.1)

For most of my adult life I have worked in jobs that some felt were, for lack of a better terms clacker jobs. I have worked at Music Stores, Box Stores, Video Rentals, Movie Theaters, and now I am a Pastor.

I can honestly say I liked all of my jobs even when my own insecurities caused my own issues in life. The one thing I never had was my own office. I loved sharing a space with my fellow managers especially when Brandon and I worked together. However, as I started my Pastor gig I never really had a place that was just mine.

Over my recovery of my foot surgeries I realized that working from home just wasn’t as fun for me anymore. I needed a place to “go” a separation of Church and State lol. I asked a few Pastor friends what they thought and is was an overwhelming “dude you need an office to go to” so that’s what I was working on very slowly today.

In one of my Churches there is a small space that was decimated for whoever was the Pastor so today I claimed it, all Braveheart Style!

As most of you know I am not the Pastor you see on shows like Little House on The Prairie. I love Jesus and I love the things we write about here.So I went to a few fellas on my leadership team as told them “yes this is my Pastoral office, but its also my creative control center. I then asked if I could decorate any way I wanted. I was met with a yes.

So let the games begin.

What you see in the above pictures is clearly a work in progress. The books range from Bibles, Theology, Wrestling, and Such. There are Rock, Bluegrass, and good hymns in there as well. You will also see micro brawlers and a lot of Def Leppard.  I plan on putting art on the walls and really keep making it my own.

I’ll do a proper tour when I finish. Thanks for indulging!

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