Championship Vinyl 1/23 Monday Edition

Last Week got away from me and today my legs are not cooperating so I figure there is no better use of my time than to produce a Monday Edition of Championship Vinyl!

Song 1: Alexia Bliss – Bowling for Soup

Finally a Jessie’s Girl tune I can get behind. Bowling for Soup is a fun band that brings to life a song about a nerdy wrestler. Totally a guilty pleasure.


Song 2: You Didn’t – Brett Young

I have found when I’m in a good mood I love heartbreak songs. I know it’s odd, but the chorus is a very pretty mosaic of pain.


Song 3: More Than Love – Los Lonely Boys

I’ll keep with the love song vibe with this song by Los Lonely Boys. My favorite version of this song was down when they included Ronnie Milsap in the mix.  You can listen HERE

Song 4: Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

I’m a little late to the Paramore train, but I gotta say they have amazing energy. I don’t know much about them, but I am quickly becoming a fan.



Song 5: Mordecai – Josh Williams

This is a little off what I normally post, but I live in a small town in Virginia where Bluegrass is king. I personally love bluegrass and instantly fell in love with this song and I just wanted to share it.


Song 6: Lonesome Loser – Little River Band

I remember hearing this song on a buddy of mine’s answering machine BCP aka before cell phones. I always thought it was a funny song to use.



Encore Song 7 ENJOY!!



Have A Great Week!!

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