Championship Vinyl 11/11

Well friends it’s currently a dreary day here in the state of VA.  The way I see it, there is nothing better to do on a day like this than to listen to some tunes.

Song 1: Sound of Silence (Cover) – Disturbed

Personally I have always loved this song. I have always found comfort in melancholy. I came across this cover when my wife and I have been binge watching The Blacklist. I heard it and immediately had to download it.


Song 2: You’re Drunk God Home – Kelsea Ballerini, Carly Pearce, Kelly Clarkson

I have no other reason to like this song, but it’s fun and I wanted to share it.


Song 3: I Can’t Even Tell – Soul Asylum  

So it’s no secret that Brandon and I are fans of Kevin Smith movies. This song is featured in the Smith’s first film Clerks. You can scroll the posts and read our Review Askews of the movies.


Song 4: November Rain – Guns N Roses

This is an epic song that needs to get more air play. Axl and Slash put together a rock masterpiece that needs to be talked about to this day. I still remember this song really making me a fan of GNR. Axl shows us how it’s done in this epic song.

Song 5: Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine

Ok before judgment is passed, I am aware that this song is on the Twilight Soundtrack, but I was a fan of Iron & Wine first.  This is just a chill song that I simply adore. Sometimes you hear a song and it resonates with you. This just happens to be one of those songs for me.


You all stay safe out there and keep the faith!




Trashy Women – Confederate Railroad


You Win My Love – Shania Twain

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