The Blair Witch – Pasta Jimmy’s Take

After reading Brandon and Michaels Blair Witch stories I figured I should probably underwhelm our readers.
I remember all the hype about this movie and actually being really excited about this concept. I had my suspicions that is was all a hoke but I still wanted to see it.
The only place that was doing a midnight showing was about an hour away and I knew I wasn’t going to be making that trip. So being the slacker I was I waited for it to come out on VHS.
I was working (Ala Randal Graves) at a Mom and Pop video store and when the new movies came I was allowed to preview them. I remember being excited to watch it but I knew I had to watch it at night.
I was living with my Grandparents at the time so when they went to bed I popped in the movie and I really wanted to like it.

I didn’t

I finished the movie and wondered why I hadn’t thrown up my hot pockets due to all the bad camera work and horribly forced acting. I did find the end scene to be creepy but the movie didn’t keep me at the edge of my seat to really cause me to freak out.
I feel that if it were made today it wouldn’t have been near the phenomenon it was meant to be.
I know I’m blasting this flick, but I still watch it from time to time for nostalgia of where I was in my life at the time.

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