One Year Anniversary

Around thirteen months ago, Jimmy sent me a text that said, “We should start a blog called Middle-Aged Fat Kids.” I laughed, Jimmy has always had a talent for picking fantastic titles, and I told him I’d be interested just as soon as things slowed down a bit. He agreed, a lot was going on and so, we tabled it.

Over the next couple of weeks, I couldn’t get the name Middle-Aged Fat Kids out of my head and I also couldn’t stop thinking that working with my bestie would be a blast. It had been over a decade since we last worked on a project together and that was too long. Life is funny like that, you blink and then a decade is gone.

I decided I couldn’t wait. We had to get on this now while the idea was fresh and we were both open. So, I began working on a layout and getting a domain name secured. It took me a weekend, but by Sunday evening everything was in place. I decided to surprise Jimmy, so I just sent him the link via text.

His response, was as expected, super full of positivity. I began working on some posts and migrating some posts from other blogs, and on October 2nd, 2021 Middle-Aged Fat Kids was born. Today, marks the one year anniversary.

When we sat out with ideas of Middle-Aged Fat Kids, we decided it would be a stress-free zone. There would be no marketing budget, no expectations of weekly posts, or anything of the like. Instead, it would just be a fun place we can post nostalgia, pop culture, and whatever geeky stuff we wanted to share, whenever we wanted. The gravy train that was making money blogging is over, and neither of us have any interest in monetizing Fat Kids. We are here to have fun, and fun it has been.

Back all those years ago, when we first launched Fat Kids Radio, we basically took our conversations and joking that we did while working at the movie theater onto the internet. I was a bit more opinionated at the time, so sometimes that took our conversation down less fun paths, but the core of our content was always talking movies, comics, games, television, and wrestling. I’m so glad to see that live on here at Middle-Aged Fat Kids. We may have grown older, but we are very much the same.

(Thanks to the Internet Archive you can see remnants of the original Fat Kids Radio website)

As 2023, emerges on the horizon I can’t help but feel that Middle-Aged Fat Kids has more to offer. I’m hoping down the road maybe Jimmy and I can find time to do a short podcast or video series, mostly because it would be an excuse to chat with my buddy on a more regular basis.

And if you are here reading our little site, thank you. Sincerely. Blogging has fallen out of fashion so we appreciate anyone who takes a moment out of there day to listen to our random thoughts on things that most people could care less about.


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  1. Congratulations on the anniversary. I hope you have many more. I like the sentiment of doing it for fun and not money. I the same way with Retro Ramblings, but there may be a hypocritical side of me for doing The Retro Network though. But that site needs monetization because the purpose is to help creators have a home to do their thing, and that take money. While we monetize it, it’s not for profit, as we put every penny back into funding fledgling podcasts and the like.

    But enough about me, I started this comment to wish you guys the best, and to tell you that I’ve really enjoyed the blog since I was made aware of it. I’ve been working my way through the archives, and always enjoy the time I spend on the site.

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