One, Two…..

As most of our awesome readers know Brandon is the Horror guy between us. I wouldn’t say I’m not a fan, because I am, I just can be a little jumpy at night lol.
My introduction to horror films came to be thanks to my Mom. My mom loved all things scary from movies to books. So when we got our first VCR I would get cartoons and wrestling tapes, while Mom got slasher flicks.
While at school a buddy of mine mentioned Freddy Kruger and how cool the movie was. So I asked my Mom about it and that weekend I encountered Nightmare on Elm Street.  I’ll be honest it was a little scary to me, but I found Freddy kinda funny. Maybe I was missing the point of the movie, but I liked it and over time and releases I watched the rest of the movies, With Dream Warriors being my favorite.

Over the years I have watched my share of the slashers and some I like some I don’t, but I’ll always remember popping that VHS into the player and Mom asking was I sure.

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  1. That’s awesome that your Mom was into horror. My Mom was too, while my Dad was scared big time of horror films.

    My Mom didn’t rent me anything or help with the movies, but she spent a lot of time telling me urban legends and ghost stories which I think played a huge part in my fascination with the supernatural. Lydia’s Bridge, The Brown Mountain Lights and Devils Tramping Ground we’re all major influences in my love of horror.

    So, yay for Moms who dig horror!

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