Championship Vinyl Saturday Night!

Happy Saturday Night Friends! Welcome to Championship Vinyl. Let’s get on with the tunes!

Song 1: 3 Doors Down – Going Down in Flames

I have always felt 3DD have been overlooked. They have a great sound and honestly I am a fan. Going down in flames is not a song they released to my knowledge, but  I love it and always grant it up when it plays.

Songs 2: Portugal the Man – Feel it Still

All I can say is this song is a guilty pleasure. It’s a great song when you’re just cursing around. Simple as that.


Song 3: Billy Ocean – Get Outta My Dream,Get into my Car

This is by far one of my all time favorite feel good songs. I can still remember watching the movie Licensed To Drive with the “Coreys” and hearing this song. I have always been a fan of saxophones on pop songs so that for me puts this song over the top. It’s impossible to hear this song and not want to dance.


Song 4: Girl Named Tennessee – Need to Breathe 

My wife and I stumbled across NTB a many years ago. We loved their southern grit. When I bought the CD for us this song really stood out for me at least. The lead singer had an incredible voice and I’m glad to feature them this week.


Song 5: Elvis Presley – Little Less Conversation

This song oozes coolness. Elvis was quite possibly one the greatest entertainers to ever live. This song is my groove.




Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night

Down N Outz – Creatures


Well that ends another spin on the turn table! Be Good to each other!

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  1. Another wonderful collection of songs! I’m a huge fan of Going Down in Flames. It was on the Away from the Sun album. In fact, there isn’t a bad song on that album.

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