End of An Era

Yesterday I opened my phone to find out that Vince McMahon the owner and creative force behind the WWF/E had retired. While there are many factors behind this I’m sure I was eh  to the news at first.

Then I saw the picture I have in the post and the kid in me started to grieve. I grieved Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching NWA and WWF wrestling. I grieved the over the top blazer wearing announcer that was in fact the owner.

Vince was my PT Barnum as he brought me hours of entertainment and for that I am grateful. I will much like Ric Flair only remember the man from. Y childhood and not the out of touch individual they would become.

Vince gave us Wrestlemania, Saturday Nights Main Event, Hulkamania, Macho Madness, HBK, RAW/Smackdown, and cool Video Games.

The man in the picture is who I thank, and I hope that in retirement he finds peace, morals, and can make right the wrongs.


2 Replies to “End of An Era”

  1. Ya know, it took me a few days to think about how I felt about all of this. I love how you frames McMahon as the fun guide through the more innocent days of the WWF. I honestly don’t know how else to really remember him in a positive light.

    His actions introduced me to wrestling more than 35 years ago and for that I’m thankful. Even though, he was unethical in building his empire and it’s not surprising such behavior has continued in his life.

    Wrestling is what wrestling is thanks to Vince McMahon for better or worse. I hope he can find some peace and humility in the remainder of his days and the company he led a conscience.

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