Championship Vinyl 7-8

Good Day Friends! It’s currently raining here at the Farm House and I find it fitting to sit and share five tracks that can hopefully get the weekend off to a good start!

Song 1: Somebody’s Baby – Jackson Brown

I have always been a fan of this song. Most fellas have had that love at first sight moment. Instead of walking up to the girl we reason as to why she is already taken. So in retrospect this is the Fat Kids High School Mantra

Favorite Lyric: I try to shut my eyes, but can’t get her out of my sight

Song 2: Amazing – Josh Kelley

I’m keeping it a little smooth today as we ease into Josh Kelley’s hit Amazing. Josh seemed to not have the issue Jackson did as he simply adores his lady. This is just an over all feel good song, that I find myself liking the more I hear it.

Favorite Lyric: Baby you’re amazing, I want to let you see, you are everything and more to me.

Song 3: Calling Dr Love – Kiss

I believe I can speak for Brandon in that this is a personal favorite for both of us! I have an odd relationship as a fan of Kiss, but you can rest assured this is my all time favorite Kiss song. In fact many moons ago I used it as a wrestlers theme song on the Legends of Wrestlemania video game.

Favorite Lyric: They call me Dr. Love, I got the cure you’re thinking of

Song 4: Same Ol’ Situation – Motley Crue

Just coming off the Stadium Tour, I was hoping above all that was music that 1. Motley Crue would sing this song and 2. Vince wouldn’t butcher it. Well I got both my wishes for this song only lol.

Favorite Lyric: She’s got an alligator bag, top hat to match.

Song 5: F.I.N.E. – Aerosmith

This song closes out this weeks playlist because I have found myself listening to it a lot this week, so I am inclined to share this toe tapper. Its such a naught song, but that’s the true beauty of all the good rock bands of the day.

Favorite Lyric: I’d die for you but were partners in the crime


Well that all for this week, make sure to check out our links to go to our list on Spotify! Have a great weekend!


WAIT!!!! ENCORE!!!!!!


Black Betty – Ram Jam

just because.. going old school weekend closing! Look at the Cover ART!!



Paint it Black – Rolling Stones

cuz it’s my favorite  Stones Song!!


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