Championship Vinyl 7/29

Hello one and all and welcome to Championship Vinyl. Oh how I wish this would be on the air for you all to listen to, but I do love posting these songs.  So lets get started!

Song 1: Life Loves a Tragedy – Poison

The other week I was able to rock out to Poison at the Stadium tour and it was then I proclaimed that Poison is my number 2 band on my top ten! Brandon and I were exchanging some texts and he mentioned this song and how it was his favorite. I couldn’t help but give it a listen again and I simply love how it starts as a song of heartbreak and ends as a jam.

Song 2: Mistreated – Delta Deep

I love all things Def Leppard and this is no different. This is lead guitarist side band. it more hard a bluesy. I love this song as singer, Debbi Blackwell-Cook  has an amazing duet with a familiar voice.

Song 3:  Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds

Most associate this song with the end of the 80’s classic movie The Breakfast Club. I on the other had spent more time listening to the radio than watching TV when I spent time with my Mom. I remember hearing this song and really liking the flow ( I didn’t understand that at the time). The booming music as well  as the almost whisper singing had me hooked.


Song 4: Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

I am not going to pretend that I’m a huge Cash fan, because I’m not. I love many of his songs and the movie Walk the Line was one of the first movies I saw with my wife when we met. However, as a kid riding in my Papa’s truck whenever this song came on I turned it up. After all these years I finally know why I love it so much… The horns!

Song 5: Good 4 U – Olivia Rodrigo

My oldest daughter and blasts this song often from the confines of her room. I finally asked her who this harder Taylor Swift, but not quite Avril girl was. She told me sho she was and I downloaded the song. I’ll admit I may never listen to anything else she does, but I do like this song. It’s got zest and the guitar solo is pretty great.


Susanne -Weezer

As a fan of the earlier Kevin Smith works, I have a  love for Mallrats, The end credits have Jay, Silent Bob and a Monkey walking down the road, and this song is playing.


Unsettling Differences – Blue Smock Nancy

This is a song I love to play while I mow. This is also the theme song Kevin Steen (Owens WWE) used in ROH and the Indies. IT reminds me of how awesome the unwatered down version of Kevin is.

Until next  week… See ya and have a good one!




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