Championship Vinyl: Record Review- Diamond Star Halos

As all of you who visit our page know I love Def Leppard. I always have and always will. I joke with my wife they were my first love. With that said I am beyond excited to share that last Friday Def Leppard released their 12th studio album, Diamond Star Halos.

Like many other Leppard fans, I had no idea that during the lockdown they were making new music, so when the teaser and the first song Kick came out I was so excited. I say this because there are very few things I get giddy exited about and this band making new music is one of them.

So lets get to the review

Song 1: Take What You Want

I couldn’t think of a better song to start this album. It reminded me of Rock Rock Til You drop  from the Pyromania album. The slow build to the open leads me to believe that this is how they will open their sets during the stadium tour.

Song 2: Kick

Kick really shows off the bands love of glam rock. It’s another song that will play well live and over all a very fun song.

Song 3: Fire It Up

When I first heard this song I instantly dug the groove. It puts me in the mindset of what would happen if the songs, Pour Some Sugar on Me and Slang had a baby.

Song 4: This Guitar

At the time of writing this, This Guitar is my favorite song on the album. Joe Elliott and Allison Krauss sing so beautifully together on this masterpiece. This could easily be a hit on both rock and country radio. I hope they release it.

Song 5: SOS Emergency

This is exactly what you want to hear on a Def Leppard Album. The harmony and general vibe of the song is one that will have you bobbing your head and singing along. This song is one that I could have heard on the Euphoria Album as well. Ether way I am glad I’m hearing it now.

Song 6: Liquid Dust

When I first listened to this song I smiled as I heard the Slang Album influence. This is my second favorite song on DSH. Phil Collen has a knack for writing songs with a foreign flare. I can’ t say enough about this song.

Song 7: U Rok Me

If you re giving DSH a song by song listen through you will see that Liquid Dust really doesn’t end, it blends into this song. This another perfect example of Def Leppard doing what they do best.

Song 8: Goodbye For Good This Time

Something instantly caught my ear with this song, the piano and strings. If you follow the bands side bands you Joe wrote the last Down N’ Outz album on the piano. It is awesome to see this influence make an appearance here.

Song 9: All We Need

All We Need is quickly becoming a go to song on DSH. Joe’s voice belts out the lyrics with ease and comfort. This could quite possibly be one of the best DL songs they have written.

Song 10: Open Your Eyes

I love the gritty open of this song. Then it turns and keeps a 90’s grudge sound which I have come to appreciate more over time. I have often said If I could have do High School over I would have paid more attention to the music. I could have heard this on the radio with Pearl Jam and Nirvana. This also shows that Leppard stands the test of time.

Song 11: Gimmie a Kiss

This is a vintage booty shaking song, lol. I always wait for this song on any Leppard album. It reminds me of Four Letter Word, Make Love Like a Man, and All Night. Will the lyric blow you away? Maybe. Will you love this song every time it comes on, YES!

Song 12; Angels (Can’t Help You Now)

This stuck me like Goodbye for Now. The piano and the emotion of the song pulls at the heart string. At least for me it does. I hope there will be more piano in the future.

Song 13: Lifeless

This the second time Allison Krauss shows up on DSH. Who would have ever thought this would happen. This song, like This Guitar could be a crossover hit today. I have listened to this track many times. I would pay good money to see this live.

Song 14: Unbreakable

Unbreakable gives me a nostalgic feeling of the X album. I have so many awesome memories from that time in my life, I simply can’t write it all. This song just speaks to me in a way words won’t do justice.

Song 15: From Here to Eternity

The final track is no different than the rest. If I were making a James Bond movie this would be the theme song for it. I’m a sucker for heartbreak songs and this delivers. I would love to hear this with a more bluesy feel if they ever do it live.


I love this Album. I know what your thinking I bet you say it about all of the Leppard stuff. I do, and I’ll be honest there are some songs they have done, I don’t care for. However, this is the Def Leppard Album I have waited for since Hysteria and they delivered!

I highly recommend Diamond Star Halos even if you are a casual listener. This Albus has something for everyone.









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