Championship Vinyl 14

Well Friends it’s been a minute, but after a very busy season let’s play some music!


Song 1: Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

I have no shame in saying that while I’m a casual Muse fan I found this song while watching the Twilight Movies. I though it had a good grove and it’s been in my song rotation ever since.

Favorite Lyric: You’re the queen of the superficial
And how long before you tell the truth?


Song 2: She Loves Me Not – Papa Roach

This is a song I remember hearing on the radio when I worked for a reset team for Convenience Stores. I was allowed to listen to music while I restocked coolers with tummy yummies . I loved the flow of the lyric and while I don’t know much about Papa Roach I know they won me over.

Favorite Lyric: Disassociate so I don’t have to lose my head, This situation leads to agitation, Will she cut me off? Will this be an amputation?


Song 3: Twisting The Night Away – Sam Cooke

Growing up my Mom always played what she called “the oldies” Sam Cooke was one of her favorites. This song always gives me a Funtime summer vibe!

Favorite Lyric:Here they have a lot of fun, Puttin’ trouble on the run


Song 4: Lord Have Mercy On the Working Man – Travis Tritt

I figured this would be appropriate in this day and time. So many men and women are working so hard just to survive.

Favorite Lyric: Hey St. Peter look down for a minute
And see this little man about to drown
There’s quicksand all around and man I’m in it
Please help me up Lord cause I’m going down

Song 5: Real American – Rick Derringer 

With the Summer vibe I always think of July 4th and since I was a kid I always have Real American in my head. Plus as a lifelong Hulk a Maniac you can hear this and not be happy

Favorite Lyric: Whole dang song


Well I’m glad we got to jam a little!

Until Next time

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