Farmer’s Dynasty – Day Two

I arrived home from work to find my wife still working, which meant I had some free time to get back to working on my farm. I changed clothes and booted up Farmer’s Dynasty anxious to get back to repairing my grandfather’s old farm.

I spent fifteen minutes restoring various elements inside the old farmhouse. Floors were replaced, ceilings, plaster, and bricks. I did a good enough job, I got extra social credits because my neighbors would be pleased that I fixed up my ugly, run-down farmhouse. Those credits will make up for the ones I lost by cutting a corner of a neighboring farmer’s wheat field with my tractor on the first day.

I took a quick glance at my map and realized there were two NPCs I could go meet and progress my story. So, I hopped on my new tractor and drove to a strange little store where a slick looking salesmen bragged about his sales skills and offered to buy certain food items such as fish. I have no idea where I would get fish since I haven’t seen a pond yet nor does it look like the type of game that would having a fishing element to it. I bid him farewell and drove to another farm where I met a woman not dressed for farm work and her creepy “friend?” I don’t know, she didn’t introduce him but did mention her brother was working abroad so she needed help plowing and cultivating her field. If I did this for her, she offered to give me old the plow since her brother was going to buy a new one when he got back anyway.

I discussed politicians with the creepy man and the got to work. I had to remind myself I wanted something boring and slow to play, because man was it tedious. Up and down, up and down, and it’s not even like I’d get to profit from this. I guess, the plow is a profit, but man…

I plowed the field, drove back to my farm, picked up my cultivator and got to cultivating. She was pleased, offered me the plow (which was good since I left it at my farm already) and then I was able to ask her farming questions. She answered basic questions about fertilizers, when to plow, and so forth, then she told me she wasn’t all that knowledgeable and I should go talk to someone else. HA!

I drove back to my farm, dropped off my cultivator and then was going to into the house to make some food since my energy level was low and I spent all day in the hot sun eating apples and drinking water. Then it hit me, literally in the face. A huge glitch where a graphic that looks like the floor is stuck sticking out of the house and I cannot enter the one door.

This is a problem because that’s where I slept to progress the day and rest. It’s where I cook and so forth. So, literally, I cannot get into the one place I really, REALLY need to get into.

And that summarizes my experience with Farmer’s Dynasty. I planned on this lasting at least a few weeks, but a game breaking glitch on the second day has derailed my game. I tried everything to fix the glitch and nothing worked, so I’m retiring Farmer’s Dynasty for the time being. I can’t trust this game not to break on me and the satisfaction from the game comes from slowly fixing things and building something grand. That’s a lot of work to throw out the window because the game wasn’t properly quality tested.

I got my five dollars worth of entertainment out of this game. I’m not mad.

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