Championship Vinyl Episode 12

Welcome to episode 12 of Championship Vinyl, I’m your part host Pasta Jimmy. Enough about me let’s get into the music.

Song 1: Elton John – I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

I developed a love for Sir Elton at a young age. My Mom absolutely loved his music, so in return I became a fan. I can say that I am partial to songs with piano, and I’m not sure why that is, but I do not turn Elton John or Billy Joel when they come on. I always liked the raw emotion of this song

Favorite Lyric: Time on my hands, could be time spent with you.


Song 2: Billy Idol – Cradle of Love

I wouldn’t say I have always been a huge fan of Billy Idol, but I am a huge fan of this song and the video. I became a fan of this song when the video came on MTV one afternoon and I loved the whole presentation. So this is literally a story of the video making me a fan of the song!

Favorite Lyric: Rock the cradle of love, Yes, the cradle of love don’t rock easily, it’s true


Song 3: Aerosmith – Angel

Areosmith’s Angel is in my humble opinion one of their best songs of all time. I know that when I try to make a playlist for trips this always makes it on. As a kid I didn’t have many Girlfriends, but  I was fascinated with love songs. I found them to be small musical masterpieces. Angel is defiantly one of those.

Favorite Lyric:  You’re the reason I live, You’re the reason I die.


Song 4: Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal 

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I love this version of Smooth Criminal better that Micheal Jackson’s version. I love the fun upbeat almost  punk feel. However, what I love the most about AAF version is they have great harmony. The song wasn’t butchered, it was made their own and I like that in a cover song. If you’re going to do it keep the integrity of the song, but also make it stand out to be a bit different. Alien Ant Farm  did that perfectly. What I love about the video is the sheer star power of their bassist, and the  MJ references.

Favorite Lyric: Annie Are You Ok?

Song 5: Flower Shops – ERNEST feat Morgan Wallen

For as much as love ballads, I love heartbreak songs as well. ERNEST and Morgan Wallen really pull at the heart strings in this country heartbreak song. For too long Country just hasn’t been country, but songs like this make me realizes that the art of good songs are still out there. I feel that Morgan will be huge as long as he behaves, and so far I’m loving what ERNEST is doing as well.

Favorite Lyric: Mister, I’ll take your roses, If you cut off the thorns, she can’t take no more
I’ll buy violets and daisies to hide all the crazy, it’s gonna take all you’ve got

Well Friends, Have the best Weekend and keep the music playing!

2 Replies to “Championship Vinyl Episode 12”

  1. I am in total agreement with you regarding Smooth Criminal. Alien Ant Farm’s version took MJ’s and upped it just a bit to make it superior, at least in my opinion.

    I would have never called myself an Elton John fan, but the past few years I guess I started connecting the dots on how many of his songs I truly enjoy and like it or not, I guess I’m a fan. I really need to sit down and take some time to listen to some complete albums and get a good grasp on all of his songs. I’ll see titles like this one, and think “Oh damn, that is Elton John isn’t it!” For some reason in my mind, he only sung the Princess Diana Song and Tiny Dancer.

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