Championship Vinyl Episode 008

I can honestly say that posting these “episodes” of Championship Vinyl have been such a source of joy for me. So with that said let’s get started.

Song 1; Jealous Again – Black Crowes 

I have been a fan of the Black Crowes since the first time I heard Hard to Handle. I love their chill factor mixed with smooth southern rock. I don’t think they have a bad song. Jealous Again is just one of those songs that when I hear it brings a smile to my face.

Favorite Lyric: Cheat the odds that made you brave to try to gamble at times

Song 2; Shut Up & Fish – Maddie and Tae

What can I say, I love female country singers. When my oldest daughter told me about this duo, I had to give them a listen. Maddie and Tae have a beautiful blend of country harmony and sass. Their debut single, Girl in a Country Song became popular fast, but for me Shut Up and Fish was more fun. I am pretty sure as my girls follow their music there will be a concert to attend.

Favorite Lyric: I finally had all of him that I could take, So I gave him a cold shower in the lake

Song 3: Waiting On A War – Foo Fighters

As a fan of the Foo Fighters, It’s only fitting to play a song of theirs after the passing of their drummer Tyler Hawkins.

Rest In Peace.

Song 4: This Ain’t a Love Song – Bon Jovi

Out of all the song’s I’d call my favorite from Bon Jovi, This Ain’t a Love Song, wins the honor. The emotion in this song is so powerful. I can hear the heartbreak in a person if they had to dedicate this song to someone. I have always been a sucker for break up songs. While I’m not a fan of break ups, I do love the passion in these songs.

Favorite Lyric:Remember those nights dancing at the masquerade, Clowns wore smiles, that wouldn’t fade.


Song 5: All the Young Dudes – Mott The Hoople

I’ll be the first to admit I became a fan of this song because it’s Joe Elliott’s favorite song. I have heard him do covers , you can hear, of this song for years. However, one day I decided to listen to the original and I really liked it. It’s an anthem and I love the old British feel. Listening to the original led me to really loving British Rock from the 70’s.

Favorite Lyric: The television man is crazy, Saying we’re juvenile delinquent wrecks

That’s all for this week! Until Next time happy listening.

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  1. This list blew my mind. First off, I only knew one song and I didn’t even know I knew it. As I slowly jammed to this curated list of perfection I got to the final song, All the Young Dudes and my mind started racing, “What movie do I know this from!?”

    It took some searching but once I ran across the title I knew it to be true: Clueless!

    What a fun trip down memory lane accompanied by a great soundtrack. And I’ll never forget the name of All the Young Dudes now.

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