Championship Vinyl 009

Hello Friends, as we come to the end of another week it’s only fitting that we share some tunes. Welcome to Championship Vinyl episode 009


Song 1: I Remember You – Skid Row

Say what you will about Sebastian Bach, but I love the way the dude sings! I remember hearing I Remember You on MTV when I was much younger and begging my Papa to take me to the store to buy the tape! I hate that Skid Row and Bach parted ways, but they did leave a few musical treasures. On a side note some years back I got to meet Sebastian when I worked at a “blue” box store in NC. We was doing the musical Jekyll and Hyde and did an autograph signing. He was hyper, loud, and amazing.

Favorite Lyric: Woke up to the sound of pouring rain, the wind would whisper and I’d think of you.


Song 2: Two Tickets to Paradise – Eddie Money

This song is on the playlist this week as a sentimental favorite. There were many nights as the Fat Kids closed the theater that we enjoyed the sounds of Eddie Money. Sadly Eddie left us a few years ago, but I am thankful for the music he left.

Favorite Lyric: I’m gonna take you on a trip so far from here, I’ve got two tickets in my pocket, baby, we’ll disappear

Song 3: Hold The Line -Toto

I guess today the theme is just songs that bring back good memories. Toto’s Hold The Line has alway made me remember the summer days riding to the lake that I swam in. I never thought in a million years that music would play such a powerful role in my life, but thankfully it has. I also love that the band looks like a groups of Dad’s who get together an jam.

Favorite Lyric: It’s not in the way that you’ll stay till the end
It’s not in the way you look or the things that you say that you do.

Song 4: I’m Wrong About Everything – John Wesley Harding

True to form, this song comes from the High Fidelity Soundtrack. I found that this is a close to a perfect movie soundtrack as there can be. This song really represents all men who just need to admit we are wrong, even in times where we may not believe it ourselves.

Favorite Lyric: I want you to know what’s going on
In my mind I thought I was immortal a little while ago
I thought that I was right but now I know

Song 5: Waffle House Anthem – Mac Powell

This is a funs song by the lead singer of Third Day. Mac Powell often proclaims his love for the Waffle House and it found its way into a song. Over my years it wasn’t uncommon for me and Brandon to stop by a Waffle House or a Huddle House  after a live wrestling  event or concert. There is just something about breakfast at 2 am, and Brandon would say the waitresses call me sugar. Enjoy Mac’s gritty voice as he pays tribute to a true American Treasure.

Favorite Lyric: The whole dang song!!


Well that’s all for this week!

Until Next time…

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