Eating with Pasta Jimmy: Snacktime

As most know or don’t my real gig in life is one of a Pastor. This causes me to be on the go a lot at times. I go to school once a week and I have to eat when I can.
Today, Saturday, I actually had a wedding. So as usual I was in a rush so I grabbed some gas and knew I needed something so I decided to try something new.
the picture above were my choices so let me tell you what I thought.

Reese’s Big Chip Big Cup

I love Reese cups and I love chips. I figured this could ether be really good or really bad. The verdict was it’s freaking awesome. The sweet and salty just work and while I’m diabetic it was worth an insulin shot by the time I got to the church.
Score: 9 Hot pockets

Coke Starlight Zero Sugar

I have been wanting to try this for a while and finally found a zero sugar bottle. This was interesting. It tasted like coke, vanilla, and raspberry had a baby. It was pretty good and I’m glad I found it. I’m not a fast drinker so the chill faded, and so did my enjoyment. If I get it again I’ll make sure to keep it cold as it was super good that way.
Score: 5 Hot pockets. Keep it cold

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