Championship Vinyl episode 007

Hello Friends! Welcome to Championship Vinyl episode 007. I hope you will like these songs and maybe even hear one you have never heard before. Let’s get started.

Song 1: Uptown Girl -Billy Joel

This is the first song I remember haring from The Piano Man himself. I have had a long appreciation of Billy Joel as his songs are pretty much all good. I know folks who have met him say he’s a little off putting, but I probably will never meet him so who cares. Uptown Girl is a perfect song for us guys who marry up, as we all dream to have the perfect girl for us.

Favorite Lyric:You know I can’t afford to buy her pearls, But maybe someday when my ship comes in. She’ll understand what kind of guy I’ve been.  And then I’ll win

Song 2: Old Alabama – Brad Paisley

What can I say I love me some Brad Paisley. Paisley’s songs are as close to old country as the get. His guitar playing is second to none. I love this song for many of the reasons I loved Kid Rocks First Kiss. I am going through a very nostalgic stage of dating and good memories. This song just gives me the good vibes and Alabama actually sings a bit on this song as well, so that’s cool

Favorite Lyric: And with her windows rolled down. And her hair all blown around
She’s a hot southern mess


Song 3: Shiny Happy People -REM

Much like Billy Joel, I have found myself to be a long time fan of REM. Their indie band feel has always drawn me to them. the fact their songs can sound the same, yet be different is something I am drawn to. Shiny Happy People is a perfect example of this. It’s such a fun song that if it comes on you find yourself singing along. Another bonus to the tune is that Kate Parson from the B-52’s sings backing vocals.

Favorite Lyric: There’s no time to cry, happy, happy. Put it in your heart where tomorrow shines


Song 4: Walk on the Ocean – Toad the Wet Sprocket

This gem came out in the early 90’s and the first time I heard it I was drawn to the flow and simplicity of the song. I love the ocean and when I look at it I feel like I can really clear my head. That is what I love this song. I can’t say that I follow Toad, but when one of their  songs comes on the radio I always listen.

Favorite Lyric: Don’t even have pictures. Just memories to hold
Grow sweeter each season. As we slowly grow old


Song 5: Faith – Stevie Wonder ft. Ariana Grande

As a Dad of four we watch a lot and I mean a lot of cartoons, especially ones with music. The movie Sing is in constant rotation in our house. Faith is the closing song of Sing and everything I hear it, I feel it is a song I’d play at every dance, wedding, and prom if I was a DJ. Its fun and Stevie and Ariana’s voice blend perfectly. It’s a great song to end the this episode, and start the weekend.

Favorite Lyric: See the girl with the diamonds in her shoes? Yeah
She walks around like she’s got nothin’ to lose


Well thanks for reading/listening! See you next time.

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