How I’d Fix AEW

With an entry title like that I guess I have some explaining to do. Let me start off by saying I don’t hate AEW, in fact I quite love it. This is why I’m writing this post.

Last night as I watched Rampage something annoyed me. For the first time I was a little miffed at my new favorite wrestling promotion.


Well as I texted Brandon earlier today I was wondering why Jay Lethal was being jobbed out? Jay is a fantastic wrestler and deserved to be showcased as such. I know that professional wrestling isn’t about the wins and loses, in a way it is. Jay is coming from ROH and Impact where is in my opinion on the level of Shawn Michaels. He’s great in the ring, amazing promos, and in person a nice guy.

What it boils down to is that AEW is in danger of having to many great Wrestlers  and not enough time to showcase them.

Case in point, Miro, formerly Rusev was having a good run with a fun gimmick and now he’s waiting to see what they can do with him.
This kind of management leads to great talent getting bitter, and leaving.

So here’s what I’d do if I was in charge.

1- Make Dynamite 3 Hours. Have a good healthy blend of women and men matches. Have one or two high profile interviews.
2- Get rid of Rampage. Brandon and I spoke and I agree they should put more online content, even if it’s a 5 buck subscription.
3-Spend more time with the ladies. It may be that since Kenny Omega is not around at the moment the focus is not in the forefront.
4- Quit building around the same people, especially the Bucks. There is so much talent ether releases some or spread it out. It’s ok if Britt or Darby are not on every  week.  I love them, but like in the 80s when Hulk or Flair made an appearance it was huge.
5- PPV to a minimum. I loved the 4 a year era. They could build a big story and then end it for the most part at the PPV. Plus it made certain matches anticipated.

Bonus: never let Danhausen Go.

that’s my 5 cents worth. Chime in if you agree or disagree. I’d be interested with your feedback as well.

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