Championship Vinyl 002

Welcome to episode 002 of Championship Vinyl. I can honestly say last weeks set list was so much fun I couldn’t wait for this week. So enough talking and lets get to the music. Remember if you want to listen to the song all you have to do is click the song title.

Song 1: Rock n Roll Dream Dreams Come Through – Meatloaf

What can you say? Meatloaf was one of the most unique and amazing performers to ever live. He could sing and act, but what makes him so great is his ability to combine the two. This is what made me a fan. I picked this song for two reasons. The first reason is I love the song. It’s dramatic and powerful, not to mention the video is great ( see if you can place the girl). The second reason is a tad more personal. This song came out in 1993, when I was in high school, which for me was a good time. I was in theater arts and choir for most of my day so we were always going somewhere to a competition or performing somewhere. On one trip my friend Morgan popped in this tape and this was the song that played. I instantly loved it and the next time I made my way to a store I bought it.

Favorite Lyric: and the angels had guitars, before they had wings.

Song 2: Poor Boy Blues – Poison

This song comes from Poison’s 1990 ‘s Flesh and Blood CD. I remember becoming a fan of Poison simply because their music was fun and kinda dirty for a young preteen. I remember getting Circus Magazine (before the internet) and being excited to got the to store on the release date.

The song I already knew was Unskinny Bop, which will show up here at some point, but as I listened to the tape I came across Poor Boy Blues. I loved the swagger in the song, not to mention the harmonica. I feel the band was having a really good time recording this song and this vibe came across as I listened many times. I hope they play this song live this summer at the stadium tour.

Favorite Lyric: I’ve lived uptown, downtown,Lord I’ve lived everywhere. Almost drowned in the puddle of my own sweat I swear

Song 3: Lord I Hope This Day is Good – Don Williams

I figured after last weeks country entry this week should have one. This weeks selection from from  the gentle giant himself, Don Williams.  I have always loved Don’s chill voice, and simplistic messages in his songs.  Lord I Hope this Day is Good became kind of a hymn for me in the early 2000’s event though the song came out in 1981. I was struggling in many areas of my life and my friend Oliver played this literally on his guitar. I went and found that I actually owned it and  began to play it on my daily commute. Often I’ll play it when I feel a bit overwhelmed. I hope you find peace like  I do in this amazing work.

Favorite Lyric: I don’t need fortune and I don’t need fame, Send down the thunder, Lord, send down the rain. But when you’re plannin’ just how it will be. Plan a good day for me

Song 4: Roam – The B-52’s

One of my guilty pleasures in life is listening to Georgia’s own The B-52’s. Most know them for Love Shack and Rock Lobster, but I find myself putting on today’s pick, Roam, when I am cruising on a beautiful day. I cam across them in the 90’s when Love Shack was big, it was a fun song, so I bought Cosmic Thing and listened to it, then listened to it again. If you want a CD, record, tape, or MP3 to take your mind away this is it. Roam is in my opinion the best feel good song ever written. It’s on every playlist I make and my only regret is not seeing them in concert back in the day.

Favorite Lyric: Fly the great big sky, See the great big sea, Kick through continents
Busting boundaries

Song 5: Sweet Up and Down – Dave Matthews Band

I am a Huge fan of DMB, thanks to a friend I had when I worked at On Cue (Music Store). I know he’s not for everyone, but once I saw the band live I was hooked. I have a lot of Dave in my collection and I don’t see my fandom stopping anytime soon. Today I pick the unreleased song, Sweet Up and Down. This was supposed to be on a CD known to die hard fans as the Lillywhite Sessions (after producer Steve Lillywhite). For reasons It never came out. However, some of the tracks were part of the Busted Stuff CD.  I remember hearing that tape traders had found a master copy and were making copies. DMB didn’t care, so I was on the hunt.

I had mentioned to many customers that I was looking for a copy, when lo and behold a kid name Grant said, I have a copy and I’ll make you a copy if you like. Needless to say he got a discount on his purchase, and later that day he delivered. I listened to it with a smile on my face and then I heard Sweet Up and Down. When I heard this it took it’s place as one of my favorite song of all time. I really can’t put into words why this song is so special to me, but it is.  I will share it reminds me of simple times and I have many fond memories of the people I would listen to this cd with. I’m also happy I still have my copy.

I was always bummed it was never released on an album as it has only showed up in live shows.

Favorite Lyric: I believe in love. And believe it’s my heart that keeps turning me down
I believe in love, I think it’s just fine
On the Sweet up and Down

As we wrap up this week I hope you enjoy the tunes!!


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  1. When I worked in the deli they had a 3 hour loop of songs they would rotate every few weeks. Roam was on one of the loops. Caught the deli manager rocking out to it.

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