Inspiration: High Fidelity

Some may know that my favorite movie of all time is High Fidelity. It’s based off a Nick Hornby novel of the same name.

Fun Fact: I first watched it at the Theater that Brandon and I would later work together at. End of Fun Fact~

It stars my favorite actor John Cusack as a record store owner who looks just lost the love of his life. This causes him to recap his top 5 break ups. The cast is phenomenal and I honestly can watch it everyday.

High Fidelity reminds me when I worked for a music store chain before I jumped to movies. I remember having similar conversations with my co workers about the good, bad, and ugly of music.

This site have stirred up a lot of inspiration. The top five concept is great but it has to have a little more flavor to it.

Enter Joe Elliott.

So what does Joe Elliott and John Cusack have in common? They inspire me..

Elliott when he’s not with Def Leppard has an weekly radio show where he plays his favorite music and has a little commentary that goes with it. This inspired me to do the same on here. While I can’t play music what I will do is similar.

So each week I’ll have a post called Championship Vinyl where is will share 5 songs (with links) that I love or am starting to love. I will write a brief commentary about the songs as well.

Maybe deep down I want to be a DJ, but this will scratch that creative itch.

stay tuned as the first post will drop soon.

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