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While there are many common threads that fuel Brandon and I’d friendship, Games and Wrestling are on the top of the list.

With the announcement of both WWE2k22 and the AEW game on the horizon I started to reflect on games that I loved. I could have made a one and done list, but decided to just feature them as I have the chance.

Today I wanted to spotlight WCW vs The World.

THQ put out this game for the Playstation  in 1996 and I was so excited because it had a huge roster and Crow Sting. I was so excited to play this game I overlooked one important fact, I didn’t own a game system at the time. However, my buddy Drake did. Drake and I have been buddies since third grade and often back in the day we would geek out and game on Friday nights.

Well I found out that the video store I worked for just got the game for rental so I raced over to snag it an headed over to my Drake’s house. We played for hours and hours, until around 430 am the Playstation tapped out.

WCW vs The World featured 60 wrestlers that ranged from the current WCW/NWO guys to Real life Japanese Superstars, and Fictional Wrestlers, some with resemblance to wrestler we knew and loved.

I loved the game play and the graphics for the 90’s was pretty sweet. I don’t harp on graphics as long as the gameplay is good.  I was a huge fan of playing as Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Drake would be the Ultimo Dragon. Needless to say our online matches were better than any real live ones at times.  I do miss these times and love playing Wrestling games to this day. If I were to rank this game I would give is a solid 10 Hot Pockets! The gameplay and replay factor for me is off the charts.

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  1. I didn’t play this till way after it had come out. In fact, I had already played through all of the N64 sequels and it was probably PS2/PS3 generation when I finally came around to it. I was shocked by how well it held up and you could find the base of the very popular THQ games beneath it.

    The roster is incredible, then again, all of the WCW games of the mid/late 90’s were impressive. I really hope that AEW is staying true to the idea of keeping this simple, yet addictive gameplay.

    I also have a dead Playstation story due to a wrestling game. When the first Smackdown vs Raw game came out, my friend Anthony came to visit, and we played long into the night. Sometime in the midst of battles, a controller got yanked, down the system fell and it never worked again. Luckily, I worked at EB Games at the time and was able to get a new system the next morning so we could get back to our matches.

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