Eatin w/ Pasta Jimmy ep. 1

If I haven’t said it yet Happy New Year.  With that said I want to introduce you all to a new blog series called Eatin w/ Pasta Jimmy.

As a fat kid all my life I love food and I love telling people about food. At first I was going to go on the search for the perfect Chicken Sandwich, then I saw that’s been done and would probably be a quick series.

I pondered with how I could do food on MAFK without losing steam. Then it occurred to me that I am a Pastor (Pasta) and I travel a lot. I travel weekly to seminary classes, weddings, funerals, etc. not to mention Wrestling events, conventions, and Concerts.

So my criteria is this. When I travel and eat I will rate the meal, or snack. If I eat at a place lore than once I will get something different. I won’t do video because it’s rude to talk with your mouth full. Finally my rating system will use the king of fat kid foods … the Hotpocket 🙂 with 1 being bad and 10 being awesome.

I hope you enjoy.

Today I stopped at the Dairy Queen close to my farm and got their Chicken Sandwich (#6) I get it grilled with no tomatoes and I add bacon. Today I only got the sandwich.

The bun was actually fresh and the lettuce was chunky like I like. There was a decent amount of Mayo which is good.
The bacon was uninspired as it was limp and almost like rubber.
the chicken itself had little taste. If it wasn’t for the Mayo it would have been pretty bland.
I ate it all as I was starving, but wished I had gotten the fries too.

Overall Rating: 3 Hotpockets


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