Fantasy Booking HBK vs Pillman Final.

Raw opens up with Pillman laughing saying he believes he finally put the myth of Shawn Micheals to rest. Shawn comes out and asks for one more shot. Pillman laughs and asks how many times does he have to get beat.
Pillman says he’s a generous man and is willing to give him one more chance but on one condition.. he has to win the Royal Rumble and enter at number 1. Pillman points out that he’s done it before so what’s the big deal. HBK accepts.

The Royal Rumble is here and as agreed to HBK enters at number one. Pillman is at ringside with the commentary team mockingly cheering on HBK.
HBK is in the final 2 with Owen Hart and Pillman goes to distract HBK. Pillman holds him while Owen runs to hit Shawn. Owen hits Shawn and they both tumble over the top. Shawn hold on and flips back in winning the Rumbles. Shawn’s going to Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania is here and the stage is set for HBK vs Pillman in an Ironman math in a steel cage. The match is well paced and Pillman gets the fist fall with a roll up at 15:32. Shawn mounts a come back and gets the second pin at 34:12.  The remainder of the match is like poetry in motion.

We are down to the final 5 minutes tied 1 to 1. Pillman piledrives Shawn and begins to climb to the top of the cage. It’s clear that Pillman is going to put Shawn away. As Pillman jumps off Shawn is up and hits Sweet Chin Music as Pillman comes down. Shawn covers and wins the Ironman Match and WWF World Title at 59:58.

Shawn celebrates as Pillman is unconscious in the middle of the ring

end of PPV


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