Fantasy Booking: HBK vs Pillman 2

With Pillman fresh off a World Title win we open on the RAW after Summerslam.

HBK comes out very somber and grabs the mic.

HBK:  As you see I am out her a little lighter. I’m not gonna come out here and cry. I admit I lost and it’s 100% my fault. I underestimated you Brian and I assure you it won’t happen again.

Pillman is on the Titan Tron.  Wiping his eyes likes he crying.

Pillman: Boo hoo. It looks like the Heartbreak Kid is  heartbroken. I told you I’d beat you and improved to the world I’m the best. I’m everything you wish you were and now I have what made you relevant.

HBK: Hold on there. I’ll admit The World Title means the world to me, I assure you my friend The Heartbreak Kid will always be relevant. In fact at the next PPV In Your house I’ll show you how relevant I am.
HBK music plays


IN Your  House PPV

HBK and Pillman start off very intensely and the fans are totally behind it

toward the end of the match HBK goes for sweet chin music and Pillman ducks again and goes for the roll up. HBK kick out barely. You can see HBK is shaken so Pillman laughs and screams I’m in your head  you can’t beat me.

they go back and forth for a bit longer when HBK accidentally kicks the ref. As he checks on the ref Pillman break his cane over HBKs back. Pull me then sets him onto the world title and wakes the ref up to secure the win .

Pillman stand in the center of the ring with a sneer on his face as the PPV ends


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