That’s Got to Be Kane!!!

In todays installment of wrestling figures I wanted to showcase the new Kane Ultimate Elite. I have always loved the character Kane. In fact I actually prefer Kane over The Undertaker. To me he was a great heel who evolved many times, but the original incarnation was always my favorite.
I had to order this one from Ringside Collectables and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m on the fence on if I will open it or get it signed at the upcoming Wrestlecade this month in NC.
What I live the most is the extra mask, Belt, and the cape. Look up some old Kane matches and you’ll see the cape.
Well that’s all for today. Join me soon as I open up the toy chest again

2 Replies to “That’s Got to Be Kane!!!”

  1. I love a good premium figure and this looks like a damn nice premium figure.

    Masked Kane was always one of my favorites and I’d say I was a pretty big fan through his tag team with X-Pac.

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